We change narratives

Repeater.Digital is a full stack creative collaborative. Democratically owned and managed, we believe in the positive impact of design, development, and story telling.

We measure our firm’s success by yours. By working with change makers and mission driven organizations, progress from our partnerships means progress for the world.

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Movement Media, thankyou card.
Democracit Energy Kit
Posrter of native woman, Illustration by Dylan Petrohilos
Look Book For DC Action Lab, Photo of Noor Mir
Sketches and drawings of different logo concepts
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We are movement architects who create visual and organizational designs that challenge narratives and shape public opinion.


We are a worker owned, self-managed communications consulting firm that specializes in strategic digital and visual communication.

Repeater Digital strives to isolate the signal from the noise. We use the power of storytelling to transmit and amplify the voices of our partners across the shared global digital community.

Together, we will shift your organizational culture and transform your brand.

Group of people working and discussing brand direction

We move people to action

By choosing Repeater.Digital, you gain access to our knowledge, connections, skills, and experience. We have worked together for over a decade, and are happy to share previous and current work.

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We offer

Brand identity,
Web design,
Art direction,
UI/UX design,
Social ads,
Story telling,
Video editing,
& so much more.

Our past clients

Our work been showcased in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and other publications.

We’ve worked with organizations such as the Center For American Progress, Google, the Democracy Collaborative, UCLA, National Geographic, Brightest Young Things, Think Progress, and People For The American Way.

Democracy Collaborative
Think Progress
People For The American Way
Nat Geo
Center For American Progress
Womens March
“For years the individuals that make up Repeater Digital have lived and breathed progressive communications—from building grassroots communities to transforming popular opinion—their work has had resounding global reach and impact. From graphic design to media relations and everything in between, Repeater has what it takes to educate, amplify, and inspire.”
Ryan Fletcher, Director of Movement Media
“It really makes a difference when a communications firm believes in your message and not just using your message to make money for itself. It also makes a difference when the people who work in the firm also own it. When it comes to amplifying campaigns that move us toward the world that we want, Repeater.Digital walks the talk.”
Isaiah J. Poole, Communications executive.
“Repeater.Digital delivered a beautiful, clean and visually engaging look book for DC Action Lab’s re-brand and relaunch. They handled all aspects of the design and assisted with copy editing and writing. Thank you Repeater!”
Noor Mir, Principal owner of DC Action Lab.
Powershift Network
Hoco Solar Farm
DC Action Lab