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Repeater Digital is a full-service creative and communications collaborative. We serve primarily mission driven organizations with taste. Based in Washington DC, we’re in the business of fighting obscurity. Our Friends at Design Rush.

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Power Shift Network

Branding • Web Design • Print Design

Powershift Network is a leader in the youth climate justice movement. We worked with Powershift to create digital branding and social media strategies to engage key audiences. Over the course of 4 months we created a visual strategy representing interconnectedness, resistance, and resilience in the face of climate catastrophe.

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Maxed Out Solar

Branding • SMM • Design • Market Research

Maxed Out Solar is a case study in magnetic branding. Maxed Out Solar leverages growing generational home ownership trends to meet rising youth demand for solar. With keyword research, sales blog articles have ranked #1 on Google. The brand is now positioned for success as a generational voice on climate.

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Howard County Solar Farm

Art Direction • Design • Local Marketing • Print

Repeater designed a community solar farm landing page targeting Howard County, Maryland residents. Drawing upon familiar Maryland colors, our design communicates the ease and simplicity of community solar. Through publicly available environmentally engaged voter lists, we were able to coordinate a targeted direct mailer strategy alongside a digital launch strategy.

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Lyman’s Tavern

Art Direction • Design • Print • Typography

Lymans Tavern, a popular local bar, has commissioned an illustration that is directly inspired by the art movement of Soviet Constructivism. This is a fitting choice for a number of reasons, as the style is known for its bold, simple designs and emphasis on functionality and industrial production.

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What Are People Saying

Most people talk about branding as if it's something ethereal or magic that can never be known... Dylan and the team at repeater are some of the rare few who actually understand how to do a rebrand. All the way from a logo and brand color pallete to the website. If you've ever thought that you needed a new site or a redesign, and want something uniquely "you"- definitely go with them

Image of Joe Alter, Founder of @InternetAdventures

— Joe Alter, Founder of @InternetAdventures

For years the individuals that make up Repeater Digital have lived and breathed progressive communications—from building grassroots communities to transforming popular opinion—their work has had resounding global reach and impact. From graphic design to media relations and everything in between, Repeater has what it takes to educate, amplify, and inspire.

Image of Ryan Fletcher, Director of Movement Media

— Ryan Fletcher, Director of Movement Media

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Past Partners

  • Nat Geo
  • Movement Media
  • Google
  • Center For American Progress
  • Democracy Collaborative
  • People For The American Way
  • UCLA
  • Women's March
  • DC Action Lab