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Maxed Out Solar provides easy and affordable solar solutions for working class homeowners. Through the use of creative personal branding and inbound marketing strategies, Maxed Out Solar connects with climate conscious homeowners with high energy bills.

Positioning as the go-to climate activist solar brand, Maxed Out Solar is building strong relationships with solar customers from similar backgrounds, with similar concerns and problems. Specifically, rising costs of dirty energy, and climate change.

By branding in a sincere and authentic way that elevates both people and planet, Maxed Out Solar builds trust, connects and educates, and saves clients 5 and 6 figure sums of money.

The result is a magnetic whirlwind of brand familiarity and attraction, inbound demand, and an unending stream of satisfied client referrals. Some solar brands focus on aggressively knocking on every door in the neighborhood. Maxed Out Solar stands out, providing maximum value.

There are many solar brands, but people do business with people. Maxed Out Solar meets climate conscious homeowners remotely, relieving financial and ecological pain points.

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Our Role

Repeater Digital has conducted rigorous social media and market research to position Maxed Out Solar as a fully optimized digital solar brand. Additionally, we have also secured earned press in the Frederick News Post for Maxed Out Solar 3 times in 1 year. We designed a brand strategy, website, and developed evergreen skyscraper content. Repeater designed creative digital brand assets, and hand coded the website from scratch. Our hard work resulted in Maxed Out Solar being named as a top performing partner 11x in one year by Common Energy, a community solar company.

By working to understand the behavior of ideal customers, their buying preferences, and other patterns in their behavior, we built a generational climate centric solar brand. Maxed Out Solar is now trusted by customers all over the country. The brand strategy is designed to capture business from highly engaged social media users, ranging from 35-55 in age, and empower audiences to research solar technology using a 5,000 word SEO optimized solar panel buying guide.

In December of 2022, over the course of 28 days, Maxed Out Solar saw key performance indicators on Twitter improve across 4 measurements, maintaining an engagement rate of 4.6%. According to Adobe (Adobe Express 05/09/2022), 0.5% can be considered a good engagement rate, and anything above 1% can be considered great. Maxed Out Solar said more with less, with total tweets down 25%. Despite tweeting less often, total tweet impressions improved by 295%. Visits to the Twitter profile improved by 37%. Overall Mentions improved by 89%. And we grew the Total Follower Count by 353 people.

We created numerous in house graphics including icons, logo, and core brand elements.

Our Approach

We began by thinking through Maxed Out Solar’s brand goals. We analyzed the feelings we wanted to evoke in our audiences. Feelings such as revolt, liberation, justice, and energy. Leaning on Robin Hood and David and Goliath style narration, we set the stage for the transition to solar. In a struggle between greedy fossil fuel companies and climate conscious American homeowners, Maxed Out Solar serves the needs of the working class. 

We wanted to create high levels of shared solidarity and social cohesion among like minded climate activists and concerned everyday Americans. Maxed Out Solar’s branding evokes a shared feeling that “we’re all in this together, and it’s up to each of us to take action.” Our objectives were to quickly and easily communicate the financial and ecological benefits of solar energy, resulting in more inbound solar inquiries from enthusiastic potential customers with a problem in need of solving. 

Pairing a fiery color scheme with playful, exciting, and inviting rhetoric, we created a brand strategy that deeply appealed to many people that fit the profile of our ideal customers. As a result of our rigorous market research and creative branding, Maxed Out Solar saw its strongest Quarter 1 performance ever in 2023, shattering previous lead generation records. Our client booked 6 closed captioned Zoom appointments in the first 6 weeks of Q1 2023, averaging 1 booked appointment per week, with no ad spend.


Thinking through the types of people we’d had the best experiences with on social media, we developed some ideal customer personas. Then we thought through which social media platforms they were likely to be most active on. Using Twitter as our example, we developed a rebellious, friendly, and mischievous brand voice that resonated with Maxed Out Solar’s ideal customers. When evaluating a high ticket offer such as rooftop solar panel installation, most people prefer to research on their own terms and on their own time. So our independent minded rebellious brand strategy paired with a 5,000 word SEO optimized solar panel buying guide worked well together.

By creating a single key piece of high quality evergreen content, SEO optimized, and a local media strategy, Maxed Out Solar’s customers can research solar installation on their own time, and on their own terms. This content strategy reflects the buying preferences of our ideal customers. Going forward in 2023, the plan is to secure additional earned media, podcast guest appearances, and guest posts on blogs. This will allow Maxed Out Solar to acquire additional backlinks, assisting in off-page SEO and building brand credibility and authority.

Through our market research, we learned Millennials and Gen Z are the most climate conscious consumer base in history. Uncovering this information has been crucial to our success in building up Maxed Out Solar as a trusted generational brand. Over 70% of both Millennials and Gen Z weigh sustainability more heavily than brand name recognition. By focusing on the pain points and everyday problems of our customers, we crafted key messages that hit home, connected, and converted into increased business.

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